You may remember the original site: OtterSCCustoms.  It was packed full of information and was an invaluable tool for those of us that were new to the sport.  Well, the original site went by the wayside and all the information was lost… or was it?!?!  A few years later I ended up getting ahold of Otter through someone else.  Permission was granted to rebuild the site using his original work!  Here is a bio of the original author of most of these articles:

About Otter!

Well, you want to know a little about me. I am flattered. My name is Timothy Gochenauer. Many call me otter. Why otter? not sure. But they are sure fun to watch and do silly things. and I do silly things out of the blue. I was born in 1971. I lived an a few places. But currently live in Lititz, Pennsylvania. It is a small town of around 10,000. Really not much to do here. They have Sturgis Pretzels, America’s oldest bakery. They also have Wilbur’s Chocolate factory that makes sweets like the old world. Not as sweet as Hershey. I think just as good if not better. My German friends say it reminds them of home.

I have been in paintball since in the mid 80’s. Summer of 1985 to be exact. Back then, the top of the line markers where Brass Eagle Nightmares and Nelspot 007 all the way up to the late 80’s. These ran off of 12g cartridges and held 10-15 rounds. Goggles were the only protection. No full face masks like todays goggle systems. To see some of the older markers, look on my markers page. There I have a 1st generation Nightmare (1984), older PGP’s (1983-1989) and a modified KP-3 (1990).

Sounds boring using a pump? Never! The rate of fire was slow. But you had to use alot of skill to sneak around to get a good shot. Range was not bad. Even for the PGP’s with the short barrels. And there were a lot of home mods done to markers that where very unique. When constant air tanks came out, some unique hoppers were created to prolong the play and start to take any shot. Some of the first hoppers were made out of coffee cans.

I still long for those days that you have limited ammo and a limited air source. You really had to make each shot count. The very first paintball game ever played was capture the flag. The guy that won never fired a single shot. Todays games is almost entirely focused on how much supressive fire you can lay down. I am not against electro’s or the mechanical markers with trigger mods that can lay down paint. They are fun. You just do not depend on your mind and feet like you used to. Plus, everybody back then was on more of a level playing field.

I always enjoyed tinkering with markers. Mostly a hobby. Wanted to see how much performance I could squeeze out of a marker with minimal cost. I eventually did some mods for friends and just grew from there. I decided to get in on the internet ‘Owner Groups’ to help others as well as get help to my problems. One of which is the Kingman International and have helped many with there Spyders with problems. I get on an average 20 emails daily.

I especially enjoy helping the younger crowd as well as the new guys that are older than me get into the sport. Even with all the high rate of fires todays markers are able to put out, there is still some skill needed to complete an objective. A great feeling of accomplishment. And, since I have been playing since 1985, I can offer the new ones some of my personal experience and tips. Whether in recreational paintball or in the tournament scene. Hence, this web site. If you read my articles found on the Spyder Pages where I give thoughts on what the best upgrades there is for a marker to how to shorten your trigger pull.

That is about it about me. Not much else to it. If you want to ask me about anything, feel free to email me. Would be happy to answer it the best I can.

As I am sure you have gathered by now, the current admin of this site is not otter.  I have taken over the site and re-published his works, plus some of my own.  Here is my bio:

About Me!

Hey everyone, my name is Matt and I live in St. Louis, MO.  You may already have talked to me on one of the great forums at or  I go by the screen name Maggot on there.  Anyways, I played my first game of paintball in 1997 with a group of friends for a birthday party.  We had an absolute blast!  I quickly became obsessed with the sport, gathering as much info on it as I could via magazines (yes, at one time there were several informative paintball magazines) and the internet.  I got a Spyder Compact 2000 for x-mas and immediately went to work upgrading it.  I used Otter’s information for many of the upgrades and custom work I did!  It did not take long for me to save up money and graduate to using Automags.  Fast forward a few years and past a brief hiatus of paintball.  I began working as a referee at the local paintball field.  At this point in time there was not anybody around that could work on the older markers, so needless to say I got plenty of practice repairing Autocockers and the occasional Automag.  Fast forward several more years and I am still in love with the sport of paintball.  I truly enjoy working on the guns and taking them out for a day of play.  I primarily use pumps, cockers, and mags but I do still own that very first Spyder that I got for x-mas!

I hope that you find the website worthwhile.  I will do my best to continue what Otter started.  A big thanks goes out to Timothy Gochenauer.