F.A.Q. about the Spyder

There are many questions about the Spyder that I will try and cover. They are as follows.

What is a Spyder Paintball marker?
This is a paintball marker made by Kingman International. The main corporation is in Tiawan with an office in California. The Spyder paintball marker is two-tubes that is stacked vertically. It is a open bolt, blow-back marker. There are many configurations available to the public. This is a great paintball marker for the new guy in the sport. To see how a Spyder fires a paintball, see my working diagram
What Spyder is the best?
It all depends on what you want. If you plan on upgrading over the next few months, then I suggest the Spyder 2-in-1 or the Compact 2000. If you want something that is a great shooter and will not be upgrading for awhile, then I suggest either the TL+ or the Xtra. Want to get a taste of electro markers? The E-99 and Flash are great. For a true electro marker for the budget player, then the EM1 is a great choice. Other than that, they all perform the same.
How often should I clean my Spyder?
The cleaning process is very easy for the Spyder. For complete instructions on how to take your marker apart, read through the Assemble and disassemble article. Tips on what to use and possible replacement of high wear items (cup seals and o-rings), refer to Upkeep – F.A.Q..
I got my new Spyder and I want to upgrade now. What should I get?
There are so many upgrades available for the Spyder. Not all will improve the perfomance of your marker. I list several good and bad upgrades in my Upgrade – F.A.Q. I would consider an agitating hopper, a new barrel, and a regulator as the first three upgrades.
What is the best barrel?<.dt>
There are so many barrels that are available. The prices of these barrels range in just as much of a variety. Is the most expensive barrel the best? Not really. Decent barrels can be purchased for $60 and under. To get a better understanding of barrels, read Barrels – F.A.Q. for lot’s of information in choosing a barrel.
How can I improve my accuracy/range?
Simply put, a paintball traveling from a $1000 marker at 285fps will go the same distance and have the same accuracy as a paintball traveling from your marker at 285fps. There are some things that you can help to “control” how your marker handles paintballs. 1) A proper paintball to barrel match will help. And, 2) a regulator to provide the marker with a consistant pressure. No bolt or valve will increase distance and accuracy.
What is a regulator and an expansion chamber?
An expansion chamber is a device that will try to “catch” liquid CO2 from getting into your marker’s valve area and cause seals to break or cause large velocity increases. There in the shape of a fore grip. However, there not very reliable. You will still get velocity increases. I suggest an anti-siphon tube installed when using a CO2 tank. A regulator is much better than an expansion chamber. This device will feed the marker a consistant level of air. Practicaly makes sudden velocity increases non-existant. Because of the consistency, you can better guess where the paintball will travel. These will not catch liquid like an expansion chamber. Best if used in conjunction of an anti-siphon tube when using CO2. Though the Palmer Stabilizer is made in such a way to catch most liquid and regulate it. For options on how to set up your air, look through the Air Setup Article
I have scratches forming on my bolt, why?
During your cleaning process, you may have found scratches on the bolt on the top end. Do not worry. This is normal wear on the bolt and will not hinder the performance. Though, you can sand the scratches out if you insist. I have even heard of people claiming that if you polish the internals, no more scratches. There really is not need to replace the bolt. Of all the bolts that I have tried, none is better than the stock bolt. Though, there is room for improvement. To see how, look at my stock bolt modification article.
What is a better valve?”
Believe it or not, there are no valves better than the stock one for regular use. However, for specialized setups like low pressure, a higher flowing valve is needed. Also, in some rare cases of recocking problems, the valve could be replaced.
My Spyder will not re-cock when I fire!
Having re-cocking problems everytime you shoot? This is usually due to several things to numerous to list here. Instead, look at the possible fixes in my Troubleshooting – F.A.Q.. It is usually a simple problem to fix.
There is gas leaking down the barrel!
This is a common problem among Spyders (and other similar markers). And is a very simple fix. First, try cocking your marker, then screwing on your air tank. Still a leak? If so, replace the cup seal. Refer to the Assemble and Disassemble article. If it still leaks, then it may be the valve o-ring, the valve is installed backwords, or the valve body iteslf. Refer to the Troubleshooting – F.A.Q. for more possible solutions and other troublesome leaks.
What is the difference between a vertical feed and a power feed?
A verticle feed is found on the Xtra and the Flash. It is in a verticle position on top of the markers body. A powerfeed is on a 45* angle that lays across the body of the marker like on the TL+ and Spyder 2-n-1. The verticle feed can feed about 1-3 balls per second faster than a Power feed. however, you cannot sight over the top of the marker while shooting.
What is the difference between a cradle and a drop forward?
There really is no difference in them any more. It used to be that a drop forward was specifically made to hold CO2 tanks. A cradle was designed to hold nitro tanks. Very few companies stick to this system. But now a days, these upgrades are pretty much universal.

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