Burst Disk Installation

Whether you have a CO2 tank of a nitro tank, chances are you have a burst disk located somewhere on the valve. The burst disk acts as a safety feature for the tanks.

For CO2 tanks, the gas is not very stable. Depending on how warm it is, the pressure can fluctuate from 300psi to well over 1,000psi. If the gas pressure increased so much, it could cause damage, if not weaken, the integrity of the tank shell. The burst disk while “burst” to let the building temperature release before the structural integrity of the tank is compromised.

Same goes for nitro tanks. A burst disk protects the tank from being over filled. I have also seen burst disks on some regulators like the Air America Vigilante.

There are many types of burst disks avalable. From the single copper disk to a full assembly consisting of the disk, teflon washer, and screw in bolt. There are also a difference in burst ratings for these disks. from 1,800psi all the way up to 5.000psi. When the pressure of a tank exceeds the burst disk rating, the disk will bust and let air out. Unfortunately, it will let all the air out. You will need to replace the disk before you can refill your tank.

When a burst disk is ruptured, it doesn’t leave the tank useless. It is there to allow relief to the pressure. Better that than having the tank shell explode or the valve breaking, sending the tank into the air like a rocket.

If you attempt to do any of the home modifications listed below, I am not responsible for any damage done to or from modifying your marker. I offer this article as an information resource.

Now, onto the good stuff!

To change the disc, get one from the local shop. You will also need an adjustable wrench and a toothpick. Make sure that the burst disc is rated between 1,800 and 2,500psi for CO2 tanks. For Nitro tanks that are rated to 3,000psi, a disk of 3,500psi is good to get. For 4,500psi tanks, a disk rated for 5,000psi is good. The pressure rating of the disk are usually printed on one side. Anything lower or higher, do not use.

Looking at the valve of the air tank, you should see a brass bolt on the side. Remove the bolt that is on the side of the valve. There, you will see what is left of the disc. Take it out using a soft object. Toothpicks are sturdy enough to use. Yet, you will not scratch the inside threads with it.

When you have removed the disc, you should see the valve and a teflon washer. If the washer is missing, check your remnants of the burst disc. It may be sticking to it. If it is missing, you may need to get a new one. Also, if it is damaged, get a new one. Replace the teflon washer. Insert the new bust disc. Preferably, with the rating numbers facing you. Replace the bolt. Do not over tighten it. You’re done! Now go get your tank filled.

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